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Stay tuned for future voice courses and seminars, workshops and materials that aim to improve your voice and your singing approach!

Past event: Singing meets science 


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Vocal acoustics seminar

21st of March 2020, Supernova Theater, Lund

Vocal acoustics seminar with Delia Ivan vocal coach

Past event: Healthy habits for your voice

VOICE SEMINAR, 29th of February 2020

Healthy habits for your voice seminar

29th of February 2020, Supernova Theater, Lund

Healthy habits for your voice with Delia Ivan vocal coach

Past event: FREE Voice seminar

COMPLETE VOCAL TECHNIQUE – Introductory seminar, 25th of January 2020


CVT - Introductory seminar

25th of January 2020, Supernova Theater, Lund

CVT seminar with Delia Ivan vocal coach

What is the Complete Vocal Technique?

Complete Vocal Technique is a pioneering and innovative approach, highly useful for anyone interested in the voice, professionals as well as beginners. The techniques can be used in all styles of singing. The newest version of the CVT book is actually an app! In fact the CVT app is continuously updated alongside the Complete Vocal Institute’s research.

Furthermore, the CVT app combines easily understandable explanations of vocal technique with pedagogical illustrations, graphs, and research. As a result, you get quick, practical, and applicable solutions to any issue of the voice.

Complete Vocal Technique has more than 25 years of experience and voice research. You are kindely invited to explore that in the Research mode in the app or on CVI’s research site. Explanations, video footage, journal articles, and voice analyses are available in a simple and accessible language.

Last, Complete Vocal Institute offers a variety of courses in Complete Vocal Technique. Their courses welcome singers from all genres of music who wish to improve their singing skills and artistic development.

Complete Vocal Institute, official website

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