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Vocal techniques

‘Sing better and healthier’ represents a slogan for me and the way I think about voice lessons. I always put health and vocal comfort as the main priority in our singing practice, because I strongly believe that this is the only way towards consistency in the long term.

Don’t get the wrong idea: we will work on heavy vocal tasks and ‘noisy’ singing effects if that is what you need as an artist, but I will never advise you to sacrifice your unique instrument’s health for getting a specific sound. In fact, we will build a solid foundation technique for healthy sound production and work ‘on top of’ that. Find out more about a singing lesson and if you think I might be able to help out, schedule a lesson!


Why is vocal technique important?


Vocal health | Sustainability

Finding vocal techniques that fit your voice is crucial for maintaining your instrument healthy during a long-lasting career.

Vocal stamina | Consistency

Keeping your performances at a high standard is not a thing you do by chance. Build muscle memory and rely on your technique.

Vocal flexibility | Style diversity

Being a versatile singer is highly appreciated nowadays, so don’t stop learning new techniques that will unlock novel singing styles and opportunities.

Confidence | Joy | Comfort

Singing is easier and more enjoyable when you don’t have to question your ability to produce the sound you want every time you’re in front of an audience.



Fundamental techniques

Please find below some of the most important techniques to learn about voice production and vocal health in order to sing in a sustainable and liberated way.

In addition, I strongly suggest you to check out Complete Vocal Technique for awesome practical tools, clear and concrete explanations about voice and sound production and other must-know rules for effective singing.

Sing better, sing healthier.

Release the unnecessary tensions

Sing in a liberated way

Necessary twang

Healthy and resonant notes

Breath management

An efficient way to improve your voice is to improve your breathing approach


Unravel some of the confusions about breath use and its role in supporting sustained vocal fold vibration

Vocal registers

How to deal with the mechanical changes in your voice

Vocal onsets

Vocal onsets are useful tools for creating the expression you want during a performance


Seeking a resonant voice

Vocal modes

Stay in touch, more info is on the way.

Vocal effects

Give your performance authenticity and emotion by adding vocal effects

Vocal dynamics

Creating a more dramatic feeling for your listeners

Vocal fatigue and vocal therapy

Stay in touch, more info is on the way.

Vocal warm-ups

Stay in touch, more info is on the way.