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Vocal acoustics seminar

In search of a resonant voice and resonance strategies for better vocal production and getting the sound you want? The upcoming vocal acoustics seminar proposes to answer these questions and many others!

In addition, we will have a ‘Singing meets science’ segment with an invited Lund’s University physicist, who will guide us towards a better understanding of acoustics in general and vocal acoustics in particular.

vocal acoustics seminar with vocal coach Delia Ivan


Vocal acoustics seminar ‘s discussions:


𝄞 Basics for a better understanding of vocal acoustics. The larynx and the vocal tract. Source-filter interactions

𝄢 Vocal tract postures and how these affect the sound we make. Harmonics and formants. What can and should we change to get a specific sound?

𝄞 Acoustic properties of different vocal modes and vocal qualities. What constitutes a metallic sound and how does it ‘look’ like? What is twang and what difference does it make?

𝄢 Sensations and kinesthetic awareness in our singing practice. How to interpret the acoustic feedback from our bodies and how to use it in our practice to assist vocal improvement and get the sound we aim for in a healthy way.

𝄞 A singing session with focusing on vowels, placement and body awareness.


Lately, I have been researching the subject of vocal acoustics, being inspired by Kenneth Bozeman’s fantastic book ‘Practical vocal acoustics‘ in the effort of improving my pedagogic efficiency.

In this journey, I found so many useful approaches to my singing and my teaching that I want to share with you guys. From a better understanding of our voices from an acoustic perspective to the way ‘it feels’ in our bodies, we will have a lot to talk about!

Thus, I kindly invite all of you to sign up for the seminar! E-mail me at, send me a private message through my Facebook Page or ✎ sign up here for the future Vocal acoustics seminar!

Also, stay in touch with other voice-related events, courses and seminars by clicking here! Some of these are free, so don’t miss the chance to gain more info and tools for vocal improvement and have a good time while doing it!


Logistical information regarding the seminar:


Date: the 21st of March 2020

Location: Supernova Theatre, Lund

Price: 250 SEK per singer/participant; seats are limited.


Feel free to ask any questions in the Comments section below!


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