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Here you have some thoughts from singers that I worked with that were so kind to share. Get to know me better from what others have to say about me as a person and vocal coach. Next, you and get a clearer picture of how a potential collaboration could work out and if we could be singer-voice coach compatible.

I believe it is really important to feel comfortable in the practice studio alongside your coach/voice teacher. It speeds up the improvement process and you’ll be having a more enjoyable time! If you are curious about what a lesson with me looks like, find out more by clicking here.

Testimonial Delia Ivan vocal coach. Sånglektioner i Lund


Thoughts from singers I have worked with


Delia Ivan is an amazing vocal coach. I worked with her for over a year and she helped me improve my vocal technique massively. Everything we worked on was based on a healthy vocal routine. She helped me understand how important it is to know your own body when it comes to singing and how to work with it in order to project a beautiful and healthy sound. By being very knowledgeable in terms of vocal technique, Delia was able to help me achieve the sound and style I was looking for. One of the most important aspects of our sessions was the fact that se made me feel very comfortable and relaxed by reminding me to always enjoy wha I am singing. With all of this being said, I fully recommend Delia to anyone who is passionate about singing and wants to do it on a professional level.” – Gabriela Ilișiu

Delia Ivan is an amazing teacher. What I can tell you is that she is not like most of the singing teachers I have met. She does not tell you how to do it but finds the best and healthy way for YOU to do it, because every voice is unique. You rarely find a teacher that is so involved as she is, so humble and actually interested in helping you. Working with her was amazing, she really helped me a lot. I could say more about working with her, but I won’t. Why? Because you should try it yourself. Don’t let time pass by without even trying.
Give it a go, book a lesson and see what I’m talking about.”
Anca Markos

Delia is the best vocal coach I could ever ask for. She is a beautiful soul and a devoted teacher. She helped me a lot!”  – Maria Andreea

Delia is simply great! Always dedicated, fascinated and never tired of exploring voices, identifying the problems and helping everyone sing better and healthier! I definitely recommend her. She is a professional, in every way you could think of.”Diana Culic

“Awesome vocal coach and singer! Delia always has solutions for every problem, she is open to questions and she is ready to understand and to help you. Best advice you can get!”Andreea Alexievici

“Great teacher and great way of teaching vocal technique. I totally recommend her.”Andreea Șilochi

“Delia is one of the most amazing people that i have ever met on the whole entire planet. Her tips always helped me When i needed them the most. She was always there When i needed HER the most. She has such special techniques and styles to teach others music and her kindness of human-beeing it’s just amazing. I highly recomand her voice lesson because i can give you more than 10000 reasons Why i’m 100% sure you will adore it.”Carla Stefani

“Delia is a great singer with a lot of expererience and I trust her to find the best solutions for everyone in need.”Andreea Cristina Niña

“Delia is one of my favourite person in the whole world. She is my music teacher since 2015 and the progress we made together is amazing, so she is pretty amazing. I highly recommend her singing lessons because she really knows what she is talking about, the techinique that she uses is awesome, and the tips she gives you is very very useful!”Socaciu Theodora-Maria


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