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Prices and offers 2020

Prices and offers for voice lessons in 2020 with vocal coach Delia Ivan

Voice lessons with delia ivan vocal coach

Check out below the available prices and offers for voice lessons in 2020! I hope you will find an option that suits you best.

For instance, the most popular option that singers prefer is the 5 vocal lessons package because you actually get every 5th lesson for free! It is a nice way to take things seriously and really commit to your singing practice.

Also, if you struggle with finding an optimal place for practicing, I think I may have a way to help you out! The option that I reccomend in this particular case is the practice package which ads to the regular 5 lessons package described above a 5 hours-rental of my voice studio!

So, don’t hold back when studying and rehearsing your songs because of fear of being heard and judged (as you well know, practicing is not always pretty)! Take advantage of this practice package, build up muscle memory and body awareness and improve your voice in a consistent way!  You will see better results in the long term if you structure your practice and have a well-organized plan to follow.

Again, feel free to contact me and ask any question you may have, and click here for more info regarding working together to improve your voice.






A way to stay committed to your singing practice on the long term and to also save money ( you get 1 free lesson!). This voice lessons package consists of 5 voice lessons of 50 minutes each available both online and face-to-face at my voice studio in Lund.

You can book the standard package for 2000 SEK and if you are a student you get a 20% discount (so a final price of 1600 SEK).



Are you struggling with finding a place to practice your singing? This is a common issue that my singers encounter, so here you can find a solution to this!

The following study package includes 5 voice lessons of 50 minutes each and 5 extra study hours (one per week) when you have my voice studio at your disposal to practice without fear of bothering your neighbours!

You can book the standard practice package for 2500 SEK and if you are a student you get a 20% discount (so a final price of 2000 SEK).


Prices are available for both online and face-to-face lessons at my voice studio in Lund, Sweden.

A kind reminder for you is that the lessons’ language is English (at least for now).


Are you interested in voice-related events such as seminars, workshops, masterclasses?

Some of these are FREE and all of them aim to help you improve both your understanding of how the voice works, and the practical application of new singing tools and techniques.

Prices for vocal lessons with Delia Ivan vocal coach