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Healthy habits for your voice

This new seminar aims to help you reach your singing goals faster whilst still taking care of your voice! Prevent getting hoarse and build-up healthy habits into your muscle memory for a powerful and consistent voice!

If you struggle with hoarseness, if you can’t hit those high notes without throat discomfort if your tone is not as resonant as you would like it to be or you lack vocal flexibility, then you have to join this seminar!


Seminar’s discussion:

The main topics I will present are the following:

  • Semi-occluded vocal exercises
  • Lax Vox technique
  • Resonant voice therapy exercises
  • Vocal function exercises


I will briefly talk about these different amazing exercises, what they are and why do they matter so much, and afterwards we will focus on the more practical aspect: learning how to execute them right, when to do them and how to integrate them into your singing practice routine!

Hopefully, this seminar will help you have a better understanding of:

  • How to free your voice and unleash its power without experiencing uncontrolled constriction
  • How to expand your range and transition smoothly between your registers
  • How to prevent getting hoarse and vocally tired
  • How to deal with hoarseness when it occurs in order to minimise the damage and prevent bigger vocal problems (dysphonia, nodules etc)
  • How to improve your resonance and have a fuller tone
  • How to move vocalises and exercises into singing for greater effectiveness


Logistical information regarding the seminar:


𝄞 Date: the 29th of February 2020

𝄢 Location: Supernova Theatre, Lund

𝄞 Price: 200 SEK per singer/participant or FREE for singers that have an active voice lessons package deal. Seats are limited.


If interested, e-mail me at, send me a private message through my Facebook Page or sign up here for the future Healthy Habits For Your Voice Seminar! After your request, you will receive a confirmation message and more details about the event!