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Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Delia Ivan Bulbucan, I am a vocal coach and I can’t wait to meet you!

The human voice is simply fantastic! We have so many choices when making a sound from simple concepts like volume levels, to lots of vocal colours, voice qualities and effects, which need a better understanding of how the voice works in order to harness its power and versatility in a healthy way.

I cherish being a part of someone’s journey to vocal freedom and consistency. Witnessing a voice evolve and mature in its unique way is very rewarding and fascinating. It requires a lot of practice, patience and dedication, with some frustration, but it is a path to go for because the results will be so fulfilling, trust me, I’ve been there!

Why did I choose this path?

My passion for voice and vocal technique came from vocal struggle and unanswered questions when I wanted to belt out my favourite songs. I encountered a huge wall between my idea of singing and my actual singing. I sought help in books, courses, masterclasses (Estill, CVT) along with various teachers, and I finally got to study techniques that worked for my voice, and that gave me insight into how to help other stuck singers.

There is so much to yet discover about our voices and singing in different ways and styles, so I invite you to join me on this road of exploring and developing our voices!

Delia Ivan sångpedagog

Ongoing development

I am happy to tell you that my vocal technique journey is now taking a huge leap forward because I was accepted to study at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen and I am now in my first year of the Three Year Singer/Teacher Diploma Course. I look forward to becoming an authorized CVT teacher to spread the joy of singing (and tools for doing it right) in the whole world!

I have completed my 1st year in my Complete Vocal Technique course and I have to say it has been an amazing experience that taught me a lot about both my voice and my teaching. Understanding how your voice works and the slight adjustments you need to make to get specific sounds out will make a huge difference in the way you practice and the way you perform! Stop wondering and get clear and scientifically proven answers from the revolutionary Complete Vocal Technique. I encourage you to check out the CVI website and Research site to find out more about the voice science baking up this singing approach. 

Update: I graduated this summer, in June 2022, and I am very thankful and proud to say that I am now an Authorized Complete Vocal Technique Teacher

Hugs to all the singers out there! Take care of your voices and stay true to who you are!

Kindest regards,

Delia Ivan, vocal coach


Get to know me better!

You can find below a short description of my artistic activities and educational background.

Also, I kindly invite you to read posts from my blog and hopefully, you will find something helpful or inspiring.

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