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Better and healthier singing

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Better and healthier singing

Better and healthier singing. Is that something you search to accomplish?

Get in touch with vocal techniques and practical tools and start working with a voice coach! Schedule a singing lesson and let’s get started!

Individual voice lessons

Taking singing lessons marks the beginning of a beautiful journey towards a better voice. On our first meeting (during the trial lesson which is usually FREE), we will talk about your singing experience, singing goals and vocal questions or issues that you encountered, so that we can adjust the lessons’ plan to fit your individual needs.

During lessons, I will introduce you the theoretical notions that I find necessary for grasping the concepts we will be discussing. Understanding the mechanism of voice production, support strategies, and how you can shape your vocal tract to obtain the desired sounds is extremely valuable. It unlocks your access to vocal diversity and flexibility while maintaining a healthy voice.

There are two possibilities for working together: face-to-face lessons in Lund, Sweden or online lessons via Skype or another audio-video platform that can accomodate our needs (like Zoom for instance).

Choose what is best for your voice. Sing better and healthier


Am I a suitable teacher for you? 

If your goal is to improve your voice by developing a reliable technique for healthy and skilful contemporary singing styles, I may be the right teacher for you. I believe that my purpose as a vocal coach is to guide you in making the right steps for developing and maintaining a reliable voice. My wish is to offer you the technical information and practical tools designed to help you express freely, with authenticity and in a sustainable way. I invite you to read my blog to find out more about my approach to singing and to also get some tricks and inspiration in finding new sounds and experimenting with your voice.

If you dream of becoming a famous opera singer, unfortunately, my kind suggestion is to try and find someone else to help you. Teaching classical singing is not my comfort zone and I will not risk guiding you on a wrong path. I have studied classical singing for four years, but I don’t have the experience of singing publicly operatic literature, nor a developed ‘teaching ear’ in this genre. My singing experience encompasses styles such as jazz, pop, musical theatre and a capella, and my coaching experiences adds rock, blues, soul and r’n’b to that list. Find out more about me.

I have worked as a CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) vocal coach these past years with different types of singers and learning behaviours. I like to think about myself as a flexible vocal coach that cares about her students and really passionate about vocal technique and voice, in general. So, don’t be surprised if you find me always enthusiastic and motivating. I really do think this is the best approach for learning and changing singing behaviours: understanding the facts, practising in a safe environment, and keeping a positive and open attitude towards our better and healthier singing.

Release the unnecessary tensions

Sing in a liberated way

Necessary twang

Healthy and resonant notes

Breath management

An efficient way to improve your voice is to improve your breathing approach


Unravel some of the confusions about breath use and its role in supporting sustained vocal fold vibration

Vocal registers

How to deal with the mechanical changes in your voice

Vocal onsets

Vocal onsets are useful tools for creating the expression you want during a performance


Seeking a resonant voice

Vocal modes

Stay in touch, more info is on the way.

Vocal effects

Give your performance authenticity and emotion by adding vocal effects

Vocal dynamics

Creating a more dramatic feeling for your listeners

Vocal fatigue and vocal therapy

Stay in touch, more info is on the way.

Vocal warm-ups

Stay in touch, more info is on the way.